People are equal in creation. But they live in disparities, discriminations and different statuses in this world.

  • We have people living in abject poverty
  • We have people vulnerable by virtue of their gender, age, caste, race, disability etc.,
  • We have people denied their human rights
  • And we have privileged, affordable, capable and rich people as well.

Every society/community has these strata of people. Some people are prudent to utilize opportunities and become privileged. But some are ignorant to identify and grab opportunities or totally underprivileged and/or denied access to opportunities. These underprivileged people need help and support. The help and support may be just a motivation or guidance or some vital development information or training or resources including financial resources.

Voluntary service organizations do this support service wherever people are poor, vulnerable and in need of help. Peoples’ Action for Transformation (PAT) is one such Charitable Trust with utmost concern on these underprivileged people in Tamilnadu, India.

PAT has clear vision to empower the poor and underprivileged people to get into mainstream social life. To empower them their basic Welfare needs such as health, education, basic living facilities, and sanitary environment are to be fulfilled. And similarly their access to Development information, training, opportunities and resource needs are to be fulfilled to clearly find a change in their living condition and statuses. PAT service includes both these Welfare and Development activities.

PAT currently limits its Welfare activities to Children’s Day care services, Educational coaching services to school going children (mostly first generation school going children) and health services specifically Eye care. And it is planning to undertake some more welfare programmes, particularly Home for the aged, personal hygiene and environmental sanitation.

Welfare Activities

  • Currently the welfare of vulnerable children and women in rural areas is the priority service of PAT. Visit: Welfare Activities
Welfare Activities
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Development activities

  • Poor vulnerable people in rural and urban areas are economically under-productive and socially non-participative. Visit: Development activities
Development activities

Poor vulnerable people in rural and urban areas are economically under-productive and socially non-participative. In general they are non-participant in development.

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  • Rotary Club of Trichirapalli Fort, Trichy
  • Asha for Education, Canada
  • Asha for Education, Stanford
  • Kindness in Action, USA.

PAT has adequate land of its own to construct this home in a serene and calm environment. It has been contacting various funding agencies and philanthropists to contribute to establish this home for the suffering aged people.

The viewers of this site, if willing to donate for this cause, they can contribute any fraction of amount or home need equipments or articles.

The amount may be sent by DD or MO or TT or may be credited in our account.

Our account details:
Amount to be sent in favour of : “People’s Action for Transformation”
Name of bank : Indian Overseas Bank, Irudayapuram Branch
Account # : A/c No: SB 4135
Branch Code : 001267
Place of Bank : Trichy-620008
Swift Code :  

All donations are subject to income tax exemption.

Welfare activities