The prime motive of the Women’s Empowerment is to make women access financial resources and make them have a say in decision-making processes and consequently attain social and political rights at par with men. Empowering the women will immensely benefit the self and the overall society. The country is being swept over by the wave of transformation and progress, where the women are breaking the gender bias and attaining equality.

Multitalented women are certainly the backbone of the Indian society, where they effortlessly playthe role of caring mothers, responsible wives, talented colleagues and affectionate daughters with grace. Women participation plays a crucial role in the development and progress of the nation.

To empower the women and to facilitate their contribution for the country progress, Government had introduced a series of programs to support their education, health and financial inclusion. Special attention is being given to harness their potential for taking entrepreneurship as a career option.

Women empowerment has always been the core theme of PATs welfare, development and credit programs. Our women oriented programs are steadily progressing and achieving its desired goals. A short script of our programs and success stories of the nation’s empowerment through women empowerment are included in this report.