Community Programs

Every year two M.S.W students from reputed colleges undergo internship with PAT’s various developmental program. For the year 2017-18 two interns from Holy Cross College and Srimad Andavan College were granted approval for internship with CDP.

The two interns have studied the execution of the program and its impact on the children, they had also conducted community/awareness campaign related to the theme in collaboration with subject experts.

Nutrition and Cleanliness Awareness campaign

Nutrition and cleanliness are two major subject matters, about which the children and parents should be educated and be made aware of for creating a healthier society and better tomorrow for themselves. Teaching the children about these aspects in an early age will be making a lasting impact in their lives.

Nutrition and Cleanliness awareness campaigns were organized by PAT in collaboration with Holy Cross College for the parents of children enrolled in CDP centres at Bells Ground centre on 20th February 2018 and another one on 21st February 2018 at Corporation High School, Senthaneerpuram, Trichy in collaboration with Srimad Andavan College.

Around 50 parents attended the program on first day and 200 students of the school were gathered on the second day to hear from the resource person specialized in the subject matter.... :

The Highlighted Points are

  • The importance of in-taking balanced diet and physical activities
  • To eat vegetables, fruits and grains on daily basis
  • Proper usage of toilet and requirement of washing hands at crucial times
  • Avoiding junk foods with no nutritional values

Distribution of Blankets

Come winter, one can notice that the rural underprivileged cannot afford warm clothes or blanket to cope with raining and cold nights. Providing them blankets to keep them warm during the season, particularly the old, is a great service to the community. Donating blankets is certain to make a big difference to the individual or the whole community. So that 250 blankets were procured on 28th November 2017 at the rate of Rs. 190 each to be distributed to the needy in the 7 districts covered under our operations.
All the branches had prepared the list of beneficiaries and distributed the blankets accordingly. A total cost of Rs. 53,200 incurred towards it.