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Beneficiary Becomes Benefactor (BBB)

Education Sponsorship Program

PAT has undertaken a commendable initiative to sponsor students' education by providing financial support for their academic pursuits. This noble endeavor is characterized by commitment, empathy, and a genuine interest in fostering the academic and personal growth of individuals. The program is anticipated to transform the lives of sponsored students and contribute to building a more educated and empowered society. The details of the sponsored students are as follows:

Name Gender Date of Birth Education Stream Degree Course Duration Academic Year
Robert A Male 17-05-2004 Paramedical B.Sc Optometry 4 years 2022-26
Joe Harrison Male 01-01-2006 NEET - 1 year -
Rosemary G Female 15-11-2006 Arts BBA 3 years 2023-26
Manikarthikeyan L Male 12-08-2003 Engineering B.E 4 years 2021-25
Mildan E Male 18-05-2005 Science B.Sc 3 years 2022-25

In turn, it is hoped that the beneficiaries will acknowledge and recognize the blessings, opportunities, and positive experiences they have received, and instill the "Values of Gratitude" and the "Pay It Forward" principle, creating a ripple effect of the program.

The benefaction will take various forms, including offering scholarships, endowing institutions, financial donations, sponsoring events, contributing expertise, and providing guidance. This reflects the positive influence of individuals or entities actively supporting and uplifting others.

In summary, the benefactors, without words, articulate the joy of giving and their support for the betterment of individuals, organizations, or causes. This demonstrates their undeterred commitment to bringing about positive changes through acts of generosity and compassion.