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Vocational Training

Employable skill training & Practical Skill Development

Employable skill training, particularly hands-on training to gain practical knowledge about the trade, will enable individuals to join the modern workforce. These skills are essential for job seekers to secure employment and career growth.

Planning and implementing the program aligning with the needs and demands of the specific industry or job market is imperative. Keeping track of the latest industry trends and ensuring the practical skills taught are relevant. Ultimately, the goal should be to equip individuals with the skills they need to secure jobs.

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Computer Training Center

PAT has established computer training centers at T-Palur Ariyalur and Thiruppanandal Thanjavur as a transformative initiative, helping bridge the digital divide, empowering local communities, and creating employment opportunities and economic growth.
The course duration ranges from 45 days of short-term courses to 1-year diploma. Students enroll and receive certificates from the center.
The aggregate count of individuals benefited from the Computer Training Program (CTP) : 493.


Tailoring training programs specially designed for women is incredibly beneficial for empowering women, promoting gender equality, and enabling them to face challenges of life with confidence.
Training imparted increases women's earning potential and leads to their financial independence, contributing to the economic and social development of their families/community.
PAT has established Tailoring Training centers at Thiruppanandal, Aduthurai Thanjavur, and Lalgudi Tiruchirappalli to achieve the emancipation of women. Around 100 women trained in the trade from these centers.
The aggregate count of individuals benefited from the Vocational Training Program (VTP): 188.

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