The Education Empowerment Program implemented by PAT in many places of Ariyalur District. To provide children in the classes 4 and 5 specialized coaching and support to access and excel in education. There are around 20 EEP Centers covering a vast geographical area of the district.

Program Objective:

The prime objective of this education empowerment program is to provide quality primary education to Students from marginalized or disadvantaged communities to help them overcome challenges and barriers to learning.

Curriculum and Content:

Education empowerment programs cover a range of subjects such as math, science, and language based on the State curriculum.

Qualified Instructors:

Trained and qualified instructors or teachers on a part-time basis are imparting effective education.

Community Engagement:

The program involves the local community, parents/guardians participation, and support for better outcomes.


Collaborations with government agencies to receive their support and approval, businesses, and other stakeholders for probable sponsoring will enhance the reach and effectiveness of this program.

The program has become imperative in improving access to education and fostering personal and societal development.