Growth Path

In 1997, People's Action for Transformation (PAT) embarked on its journey in Trichy, Tamilnadu, where it initially concentrated in the implementation and the execution of Children Development Program(CDP) in slum areas. This significant endeavor received generous support and collaboration from the esteemed global organization i.e: Rotary International and followed by ASHA for Education, Stanford USA and Canada.
As PAT continued to evolve and grow, it broadened its horizons by diversifying its impactful initiatives into an array of programs that aim to bring about positive changes in the community.

Empowering Women (2003)

PAT has recognized the importance of gender equality and the need of empowering women in the society. To address this, it exclusively designed programs such as skill-building workshops, entrepreneurship support, financial literacy, formation of SHGs and advocacy for women's rights.

Educational Programs for Children (1999)

PAT extended its focus on students, understanding that education is the driving force of individual and societal development. Through EEP ( Education Empowerment Program) programs, PAT aims to improve access to quality education, enhance learning outcomes, and create a brighter future for the younger generation.

Computer Training Initiatives (2008)

Recognizing the importance of skill development and economic empowerment, PAT launched Computer training institutions. These initiatives equip individuals, especially the youth and marginalized groups with the skills needed for sustainable employment and income generation avenues.

Tailoring Center (2008)

Developing specialized training programs for women is crucial for empowering them, fostering gender equality, and enhancing their confidence in overcoming life's challenges. PAT has established Tailoring Training centers in Thiruppanandal, Aduthurai Thanjavur, and Lalgudi Tiruchirappalli, aiming to emancipate women. Approximately 100 women get trained at these centers every year.

Health Camps (2005)

Health is a fundamental aspect of well-being. PAT took proactive initiatives to address healthcare disparities by organizing awareness campaign, eye camps in collaboration with Lions Club and Aravind Hospitals, and other health improvement activities. These camps provide vital check-ups, medical services to the underserved communities, improving their overall health.

In summary, PAT's journey from its inception since 1997 is marked by a relentless commitment to the social welfare and community development. With the support of likeminded organizations, and individuals along with its steadfast dedication to making a positive impact, PAT has expanded its activities to encompass various facets of societal well-being, ranging from children's development to women's empowerment, education, vocational training, and healthcare accessibility. Through these diverse initiatives, PAT strives for a more equitable and prosperous future for the communities it serves.