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Community Programs

A range of community programs/activities is organized by PAT to address specific needs and promote well-being within a community. The programs play a critical role in addressing the unique needs and challenges of local communities.

The "Nutrition and Health" community organization program, organized by Holy Cross College's MSW (Master of Social Work) Department in collaboration with Athma Hospital, was a significant initiative aimed at raising awareness about the critical role of nutrition and health in the well-being of individuals and the community at large.

The event featured a knowledgeable resource person, Mr. J. Karan Louis, a Community Mental Health Worker from Athma Hospital. The program sought to educate and raise awareness among parents, community members, and the general public about the vital importance of nutrition and overall health.

The program organized to reach a large audience and attended by the CDP (Child Development Program) staff, parents of children enrolled in the CDP, and the general public. This comprehensive approach is to ensure that the message of the program reaches various segments of the community.

Ms.Meena, of the MSW I/II year class, organized the program as part of her internship with PAT.