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Community Programs

A varied range of community programs/activities facilitated by PAT to address specific needs and promote well-being within a community. The programs address the unique needs and challenges of local communities.

Awareness Programs:

The "Nutrition and Health." community organization program, organized by Holy Cross College MSW (Master of Social Work) Department in collaboration with Athma Hospital, was a significant initiative aimed at raising awareness about the critical role of nutrition and health in the well-being of individuals and the community at large. The program sought to educate and raise awareness among parents, community members, and the general public about the vital importance of nutrition and overall health.

Liaising Activities:

The government of Tamilnadu provides a maintenance allowance of Rs. 1,500/- per month to intellectually disabled persons with 40 percentage of disability and above. The state treasury directly deposits the allowance in bank account of the individual.

PAT acts as a liaison intermediary to assist such persons in obtaining a National Identity card for the Differently abled persons with Disability Certificate/Unique Identity Card For the Differently abled Persons (UDID). Fill in and submit the request in the prescribed format to the District Differently Abled Welfare Officer.

Bed-sheet Distribution:

PAT (People's Action for Transformation) is dedicated to community and welfare services across 21 districts in Tamil Nadu. Within their outreach, the bed-sheet distribution initiative seeks to offer comfort during harsh weather conditions, specifically targeting the destitute and those without shelter. This kind gesture enables the well-being of individuals facing precarious living situations. By addressing the immediate need for warmth, PAT contributes significantly to the community's welfare, reflecting its commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in vulnerable circumstances.