Harini's Journey: From Struggle to Hope through CDP Care

15/02/2024 by PAT

4-year-old Harini was born in a modest family, she lives along with her parents and elder brother in the Sangiliyandapurrn area of Tiruchirappalli City Corporation. Her father toils hard as a load man to make an earning and feed his dependants, while the mother engages herself most often as a cocking assistant during marriages and functions held in the neighbourhood. Harini' was put up in the MGR Nagar CDP day care centre to be taken care of when her parents are away for work. The caring teachers at the centre soon identified that she was afflicted with scabies, and it was rapidly spreading across her body. She rushed to the hospital, which regularly extends health care services to the CDP centre. The physician prescribed medicines and advised strict hygiene for a complete cure and to stop recurring. The staff of CDP took utmost care of Harini during the daytime by applying ointment/medicine and visiting the physician for injections. The care and medicines had yielded results. Harini was cured and turned healthy in months. Harini parents’ eyes were filled with tears when they said their daughter got a new lease of life due to caring services rendered by PAT. They also add that their daughter's future well- being is bright because she has received lessons for a lifetime in the centre.